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Friday, April 10, 2009

Quiz answered

Now you know!
My father in law was a journalist and photographer I think that was more the norm in his time, however he took wonderful photos of the family, especially when the children were young, They must have taken it all "in their stride" and I remember a beautiful set of pictures of my sister in law (Janet), painting ,they were gloriously natural.
These are rolls of film, all wrapped and labelled.
These next were two glass transparencies which I scanned and lightened to see what they were.
My family were not especially interested in reminiscences about the past ,but the Wilson's are, and what wonderful times they had sitting around and talking about small memories. It is so important to chronicle our lives for the future not knowing who may be interested later.
My Father did write a biography and maybe it will interest future generations.
From the paintings of the art group last week I made a little concertina book.
I mean to leave it in the library at the art society.

We have a political discussion program on a Sunday morning called "Insiders", I watch it each week and because the" journo's" and "pollies " are sitting still, it is a good opportunity to practice drawing faces.

And I have been so encouraged by your comments about my felt embellished pieces I am becoming obsessional.

This is before the stitching, and trying to work with pastels, ......which is a challenge for me I could learn from Leslie,(Textures,Shapes and Colors...wish I knew how to do the link) about the wonders of a more gentle palette.

What fun it is.

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Mummy/Crit said...

Oh wow. I remember some of those rolls, or similar, hanging in the darkroom under the loft, and the smells of that house...