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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just been reading Dave Kings post and remembering how Easter was when I was married (to a vicar) it was an emotional coaster ride from Maundy Thursday, it began with setting up the vigil chapel , (our dining room in one parish), then the evening service.
Thursday night was washing of the feet, emptying the church of anything lovely,and the procession to the vigil chapel.
Friday services , were so sad and inevitably long with reading of the gospel ,Mark, I think was the short one.
Saturday, cleaning of the church, brass , nooks and cranny dusting and setting up the candles and flowers for the vigil .
Sunday morning the first fire outside shivering in the dark ,then the vigil in the church, with the candles and the dawn arriving to a glorious shining church with wonderful white flowers everywhere(and very shiny brass!).
It was a wonderful time, but truly exhausting, Mondie loved the rituals and was totally engaged in every aspect of the ceremony and found the liturgy truly liberating.
I can no longer be part of all that, I guess it is because I miss him so, but also philosphically I strive to emphasise the positive and creative, and endeavour to avoid that which is distressing.
My Good Friday was this, yesterday

Such wonderful fun at John and Julias' egg painting.

I am obsessed with this embellishing so here are 2 more now with stitching ,I only had two needles left on the machine but Julia lent me some,

so after the inspection today........... more .....and if I do, I will post before I go to Ballarat excited......


Jo Horswill said...

Lovely to know this and you Janette...

Easter egg painting looked liked fun and your hand stitch on these embellisher pieces is gorgeous!!! Who's on fire now!!!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful and moving post - and art. Thankyou for sharing.

papergail said...

Have a great time in Ballarat Jeanette, you'll have fun with Amanda, I did a class with her last week. The flax paper is really flexible and strong. I love the pieces you did for the fundraiser too, you have been busy.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I loved the old photos in your last post Jeanette. What treasures! And thanks for the details of all the work that went into Easter services. I had no idea! I like all the stiching you are doing, and the colors.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautiful post with lovely memories...and perfect egg painting fun...! Enjoy your week!

The Clever Pup said...

I'm loving all the great colours over here on your blog. I was drawn to your blog because the picture on your profile looked like the Marchesa Casati in one of her incarnations.

You should google her if you don't know her already. I also did a piece about her on my blog too.

HeartFire said...

Those are gorgeous felted pieces!!

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Clever Pup ,
I am having trouble leaving a comment on your blog it was such a moving account.