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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Having the best time with oils...still excited about books so how to combine the two.
Our challenge for this month is fruit so here is the beginning.
I am working on paper and so I can rub the paint.
I will make a book and only expose a section of the painting like this
What do you think?
We are also doing a page for a book for ourselves, last time we made the pages for the others in the group but have decided to work our own.
My book is "Spirit" n ot sure how it will be put together and the page is presently unfinished

The small sheet on the side was given to me by Jo of Mystory but the other papers are from Amander Degeners class Indigo and walnut.

If you have suggestions I will be pleased to hear them otherwise I will plough on with more paintings.


Miriam said...

I love the pear Jan , so voluptuous xx

Jacky said...

I love your oils and I think your idea of presenting them looks great. Will make an amazing book!

Mmmm that class, indigo and walnut sounds fantastic. Beautiful piece for yourself.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I love the way you have the small page opening off of the larger page. That is an absolute favorite of mine; books with odd size pages, things that pull out, fold out, pop up or are other wise “discovered.” And I like the idea of the fruit being partially obscured. I like the mystery of it all!

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Thanks Miriam for the "voluptuous"
Jacky and Leslie the encouragement is really helpful when you are beginning another line of discovery

Jeane said...

oooooo, Jeanette, you got your oils on!!!!!! - very nice! and I love the little book at the end! AND I always love all the color here

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Thanks Jeane but after my painting lesson I am on another tack with them (the oils that is)
I really love them

Julia said...

I looove the oils of fruit, but that they are just a shape muted and soft into the your pages of journal as well..Thank you so much for sharing your art, it inspires me to pop by your blog and see what you are up to, as I often cant even get started...makes a great excuse for sitting and blogscanning instead of getting the paints out...xx