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Friday, February 27, 2009

Great opening

I had not realised how much time had elapsed since my last blog The preparation for the exhibition was fun (I think), when we were together it was much easier than working alone.
"The very Stuff" had a great opening exhibition 250 there and it was so happy.....and successful we all sold well which was an unexpected bonus.
The sense of wonder and encouragement from our friends made us think we may do it again down the track
Here are some pics.
Jo, myself and Cathie preparing the "nibbles" for the event"
A popular pose me with the first glass for the night.

Two of those behind me were sold.

This is part of the gallery before everyone arrived. Megan, the curator at the gallery did a wonderful job in marrying the disparate styles.

Carolyn and Warren beside Trish's lovely dress, made out of Wunderlich ceiling and flywire embroidered with wire.

Yesterday we did a floor talk and demonstration for an Elderly Citizen group and tomorrow for the general public...a three hour job!

I so love the idea of sharing the enthusiasm we have with others and maybe beginning something for them. One lady went away and cried after I showed her how to make a little book, she so wants to make things but lacks the courage, though one of her friends told me she had made her bag and she was delighted with that. I have offerred to go to their place and "play" with them. I only discovered belatedly that her friend was the sister of a well known Australian painter!!! but that may well explain the retiscence.

Anyway it was all fabulous!


Jeane said...

Jeanette, congratulations on a hugely successful opening!

Dave King said...

My sentiments exactly. Massive congratulations!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

My congratulations as a very beautiful and successful opening! Always great to have sales.
I'm so glad you enjoyed demonstrating for groups...people seem to truly appreciate the effort and it's fun to play!

Ro Bruhn said...

It was a fabulous opening and exhibition Janette, you're all such wonderfully talented ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon there today too, I learnt so much.

Joy Logan said...

What a fun gallery that looks like! Had to stop by and say hi since I saw your redhaired icon on Ro Bruins site,me too a redhead. Stop by some time I am adding you to regular blog reads ok?

San said...

Congratulations on all fronts--an aesthetically exciting exhibition, SALES, new friends.

Cheers, milady!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

How fun to see more photos of the opening; a very festive occasion! I only wish I had been there...