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Friday, February 20, 2009


I love taking photos of the patterns on pathways.
And fences and walls.
Jean Littlejohn has done a lot of work inspired by paths, I love the patterns but the subtleties of colour would present a challenge for me, though I did go through a" grey period"....... (quite a short period).
I must finish with some colour!!!
This is a Toran I made some time ago, I have them on many of my doorways.

This is my guest room, ..........with a touch of colour?, I so loved India and hope I can go back another time

My stepmother Pat has done some lovely paintings which I want to show from time to time, this is one I love, it is so cheerful and a good way to finish.


ex - il@miro said...


Leslie Avon Miller said...

What a friendly post. I love the artiness of your home.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

And I love the pathways!

Jeane said...

love the photos of the pathways - the subtleties are so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

All this is beautiful; I can't decide whether I like the colour or grey best (love your guest room though).

I think the grey wins, because of the paths; it set me thinking that as I revamp our tiny front garden, which I started to clear yesterday, I will make paths out of broken Welsh slate (only it is Chinese - cheaper) left over from re-roofing our barn. I hadn't thought to do that until I saw your photos, so thankyou.

San said...

I would be SO comfortable in that guest room. And I love your paths too.

When you have a chance, wander over to my place. An award awaits you.

Carol said...

Beautiful photography...beautiful room. I feel a calmness in viewing your blog. I'm glad I found you, too!!!

fontainefleurie said...

The pathways are beautifull - I like the organic lines. I see them often when I'am driving in my car I then make a photo in my memory because there is no time to stop. No you have make them visible... thanks.

Dave King said...

Fabulous shots there, especially the ground ones. I could droolover them all day. Well done.