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Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday morning I went for the second time to a Quaker meeting. My mobile phone has a loud tango ring, while that may seem to be a non may see where this is went off in the middle of the meditation, I quietly let out a "s..t" as I bent down to scramble for my bag and the offending item.
Now at the age of 64 there have been many occasions when I could "swing my legs over a sixpence" but very few seem to have equalled my feelings for the rest of that hour of quietness.
The custom at the end of the meeting is for people to go around the group and say something which has been important to them during the week.
All were consumed by the absolute horror of the fires, one man even came down from the mountain from one of the areas effected.
My abject and truly mortifying apology was formed in my head, and as they talked of the horrors of the inconsequential did a recaltricent phone become.
It is a small tale but another huge lesson for me.
This is not my image but it is so evocative.


Jo Horswill said...

Hi Jan...It was nice to actually smile reading this post. You look and are fabulous and people that look fab and are fab can get away with saying pretty much anything they like :)
Certainly an exocative image's an absolute disaster.
Love Jo

Khaled KEM said...

My hear with all people suffered from that terrible fire. It is really sad and I hope that it would end in no more harming.
You have a lovely blog!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Thank you for the doesn't change the horror but sometimes a smile is necessary too. Hope this awful fire ends soon.