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Monday, February 2, 2009

"The Reader"

This book is written by one of my favourite writers..Bernard Schlink ....and because of the new film there is a lot being written about him.
The article in the Sat. paper says
"the film recharges the debates about whether Schlink's depiction of Hanna " ( she was a Nazi prison guard) " as a morally complex human being is an insult to victims of the Holocaust"
I had never even seen it from this viewpoint.
If any of my friends in blogland wish to comment, it would be great.
Now to cheerier stuff
.These are pages of a book that I coloured with inks and then closed the pages together to get the mirror image

They are really vibrant in real life.

Another manipulated page in the same book.

Now this next one looks really great also in real life

It is the plastic from under my paintings.

These collages are pages from a book called "seed", one of our 'four letter words'. The lovely thing about this book is the smell. I raided my spice drawer and it smells of cardamon, fennugreek, mustard and lavender from the garden and some others. The inset pages are wax paper with seeds and pods ironed between 2 sheets..sort of laminating them. I do this a lot for wrapping paper, just go and pick whatever is flowering, or leaves and then iron a sheet on either side of the flowers etc.

The photos are a collection of seeds I gathered and in some cases superimposed one over another, then some little drawings on other pages on rusted paper.


Dave King said...

I agree with you concerning Bernard Schlink. Some of your images I find breathtaking. I am full of envy.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I so love these "seed" books! I can just imagine the scent of the spices and seeds. The wax paper is a wonderful way of holding the flower or seeds giving it a fragile look....bravo!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Such creativity here! I have a real fondness in my heart for artist books, and wax, and seeds... Have I told you how in awe I am of your header and your Exquisite use of red, with a touch of cool blue? Really very perfect, and rich.

Jeane said...

Janette, do you know what I love about coming here? the color! the color and the variety! - your blog is just so alive - always exploding with ideas! it's just fun to visit!

Jacky said...

Beautiful pages for your the seeds (and thanks for the tip about ironing them in between two sheets of wax paper....I'm going to try that!).

I am going to have to look for the book you mention. Sounds very interesting.

Seth said...

These pages are all so unique. Fantastic!