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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Today has been the hottest day on record for Melbourne 46.4,( I no longer know what that is in Farenheit but I do know it is bl....y hot!)
I have made the decision to move from my lovely house and garden in the suburbs to be closer to the city, and the action, so today I began the search.
It was a good thing to do in the heat as there was a level of excitement....and an airconditioned car!
One of the places I went to was a chocolate factory warehouse conversion, sadly the apartment was too small ,but here are some photos of the common was fantastic.
Actually the picture looks a little "prison-like, but it was much more glamorous than that.
I was so disappointed I could not live there.
A couple of years ago I joined a group doing icons, not using tempera or anything flash but it was with the priest who had introduced me to the large sheets of paper and spray cans, mentioned in an earlier blog.
It was a lovely group, more companionable than educative but they are having an exhibition and I was asked to show a couple, so I finished off the two I began....won't set the world on fire but it was great fun to do and quite meditative.

I guess if I move to a small place I might have to specialise in small pieces like these!

That is the "ascent of Everest" for not be such a butterfly with my art.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

How exciting to make a move into the city! Do you have a timetable for this move?
The icons are lovely...always nice to take a class and create pieces you would not otherwise create and sometimes make new friends.

Jeane said...

OMG! you guys are cooked! that would be approx 122 degrees here - I can't imagine that kind of heat! - the fire danger has to be horrifying - sounds like you are ready to be an urban girl! - personally I don't think one can go wrong moving to the city! I could be an urban girl in a second! stay cool....

Miriam said...

yay! you are moving closer to me!
I had no idea you were even contemplating xxx