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Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Life

Remember my "City Lights"?

well it has become this.......

I am unsure where it will go next, suffice to say it is no longer the major piece for the exhibition next month........!

Chad Hagan gave an extremely funny talk at the Geelong forum a couple of years ago where she tod the story of a piece which she had submitted for a major exhibition, the letter of acceptance came six months later.

"Too late" she cried.

My girlfriend Jeanette is a quilter and we each made one another a quilt for our 60th birthday....this is the one she made for me ...and my "day photo in my collaboration with Jo.(Mystory)

I love this cushion that is at my art class jolly.

Just to show my love of colour...a couple of pictures in my kitchen.

This is an old kitchen cupboard which came from my family home was brown in the 50,s but Mum modernised it by slicing off the top and attatching it to the wall.

My husband was a lovely watercolourist. I found this at the back of an old sketch book when I was looking for some paper for two little fellows to draw with, he worked with such ease and spontenaity some times and very measured at others.

Our aesthetic as you can see is quite different and I always wonder what my work would be like if he were still alive.

He is a great loss.


Miriam said...

i love you x mondy does too xx

Jo Horswill said...

"Never too late" I say! We have weeks and weeks before the show...and you own a new embellisher!!! seeing all your "colour".
and M's watercolour...I'm sure he is smiling at all you do...Jo xx

samantha said...

oh janette, there is such weight in your words, especially in regards your loss. shortly after i lost my mum, i found these handwritten(by her)words, tucked away in a favourite book - "to live on in the hearts of those we loved, is not to die". I have tucked them away in my wallet and i read them often when i think of her. i hope they help you too xoxo samm

yvette said...

Hi, coming from Miriam, what beautiful art you make! So you met chad too, she's amazing. And the work of your husband contrast yours..How long ago did he die? Mine 2 years and a half.I made him a felt for in the coffin as he wishes. It felt so good!

Jacky said...

You have such a wonderful sense of colour... I love it! Your home must be such a bright and happy environment to live and make art Thanks for sharing those photos of your kitchen...the dresser is fantastic.

Love the cushion and the beautiful quilt from your friend (my girlfriends made me one for my 50th).

Your husbands watercolour .... How lovely to find such a beautiful memory of him tucked away in your art room.

Jacky said...

p.s. Me again. I bought a new Kaffe Fassett book, "quilts in the sun" it reminded me of you.

Ro Bruhn said...

Oh Janette, has city lights now become city and suburban lights? I can see the basis for a couple of bags in there. Your kitchen cupboard is fantastic, I have all sorts of ideas swirling in my head, now I have to find the cupboard.
Your husband's painting is lovely too.