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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

My mother was a Scot so New Year was very important in our growing up, so much so that there were some years in my single days when I felt quite "grim" on the night.
There was one occasion when I lived in the main street of Newcastle , I had split up from the boyfriend of 3 years but felt he would be in touch as it was an auspicious night. I rejected 2 other invitations and midnight found me all dressed up, sitting in the dark playing the piano ,.... songs like ...."What are you doing the rest of your life" and equally melodramatic numbers as the fog horns on the Harbour , announced the bewitching hour.....needless to say...he did not come!
Time marches on,...... last night at midnight I was totally involved in rearranging my studio and fire crackers and horns and went off and I could not think why? or what was happening.
It is one of the great things about getting older .
While I was in Adelaide I visited a very dear friend Dennis and his sister Kit, they live at Norton Summit in a house designed by Glen Murcutt. It has the most wonderful views everywhere from the house. This is just one.
Dennis and I were in "D'Oyly Carte" together millions of years ago .
My mother loves flowers so I had to put in the first flowers in her new retirement village home.
How wonderful is this though, cop the darning she has done on her stockings, apparently she always mends her stockings, and she says she isn't a ("sewer" does look a bit odd) person who sews.
Not much happening artistically while I have been away. I tried to do a little drawing each day and kept a diary of the big "move" My New years resolution is to draw everyday............I think the year will begin tomorrow!!


Martine said...

A happy and creative new year for you Janette.

Jo Horswill said...

Happy New Year Janette...
Love all these pics you have posted. Oh Pat's stockings!!! she is just a living treasure.
Love the window views and "a drawing a day"...hmmm sounds wonderful.

Jacky said...

Welcome home... lovely to see you blogging again. Love your drawings and look forward to seeing more of them.

Beautiful view from your friends window.