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Friday, January 23, 2009

two hours later

I have decided there are three people in the world.
1.Those who write blogs
2.Those who read blogs
3. Those to whom blogs are a total mystery.
It is very difficult to combine with satisfaction any 2 of those, for the whole morning I have been in "blogland" how about the studio.????
This next will be quick!
Here are a couple of embroideries one is the cover of a book and the other I have just finished

I am finding it more difficult to be wayard with my stitching these days, I guess it is swapping from the tapestry to this style is asking a lot.

I did a piece called "Gentlemen Only" once where I played the maestro, so decided I would play the violin, now I come from a family of string players and violin was my 3rd instrument.

The violin arrived on the day of the rehearsal in front of the "fixer" and you can't imagine how deadful it was.

When the producer later introduced me to his mother he remarked what a good violinist I must be to have been able to make it so funny and play so badly!!!!!

This is an old painting I want to do more work on I really like where it is going.

Love the symmetry again beautifully crafted a pleasure to see it and also know what beauty it can produce from such hard edges.


Linda Sue said...

Your blog is delightful! Inspiring! Love the violin story, too. Excellent creations!
I lived in "Melbun" for about 3.5 months back in the day. I loved it there though I rarely went to the city proper, stayed in the Elsternwick neighborhood. Glad I found your blog! Thanks for visiting mine, too!

Jacky said...

The stitcheries are wonderful Janette, I love the naievety of the stitches, gives it a real painted look.

I think lately I have been too much of the type that peruses blogs!!! The past few weeks I have spent a lot of time checking out other peoples blogs...very inspirational, but also time consuming. Time I did a bit more practical hands on stuff instead of surfing blogland.

Love the canvas you are working on too.

Mikes blog said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. glad you liked the blue boat! I took a quick look at your work,you have a very good eye for colour, will perouse longer later today.

acornmoon said...

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I love the book embroidered book covers and your blog title.

I have to ration myself with time spent in blogland, which is very difficult as I am fast becoming addicted, especially when I find a new blog like yours.