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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meeting of the girls

Today was the meeting of our group despite the heat ( higher tomorrow) we had a great time together . A great deal of my fears were dispelled by the mutual support,...... how fortunate we are,...and the invitations to our exhibition have arrived from the gallery.
Our fate is sealed.
This painting had gone to the "unsure" basket but Jo has just taken it to her framers for I guess another "seal"!
The felt landscape is on a canvas now with more stitching.

The sides of the canvas are painted Red.

I watched "A Portrait of Philip Glass in Twelve Parts "by Scott Hicks

Aesthetically I am much more a classicist so am a tentative admirer of his work, but how amazing to see the life of a genius and perceive his urbanity , warmth and simplicity juxtaposed with the astonishingly prolific output.

The final frame of the movie will stay with me for a long time. A shot from the back of him standing on the beach and looking at the sea. .....alone.

I am in the middle of this and I must learn when to stop...I am not too good at that. I am really interested in city buildings as I have mentioned before and the idea of them coming out of the mist/rain/clouds or whatever have been the endeavour of many paintings I have worked on.


Jo Horswill said... fortunate we are indeed!
I love your's lovely having it here at home with me (until tomorrow).
Images are great this size too.
Jo xx

Ro Bruhn said...

We have something to look forward to Janette, only 35 on Saturday. I hope you're surviving. The exhibition looks fantastic, I'll be there on opening night.