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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Enchanting Embellisher

Well I went to Kates Sewing Centre and bought the embellisher.
When I was young I was a pianist, viola player and singer, all had to be practiced daily,( I came from a musical family so that was the "norm").
However when I had the viola exam I practiced piano and when singing exams loomed I practiced the understand?
Well ,with the exhibition a very short time ahead...what am I doing but "playing" with a new toy.
These are my first efforts, they are not finished, I want to do more shadowing and a little stitching but I so love doing it, just like painting.

It is possible that I will add more today as the adventure continues.

In the meantime here is my Day picture from yesterday I went to visit Miriam and Ruby.

What a great Mum she is, she calmly goes to trouble to make life brighter for her children and for her friends.

I am so lucky at my age to have these little people around and through the wonders of blogging I had a lovely message from another beaut Mum, my neice in Canberra.

Having not had children myself I just adore having them around now, I think being a "Granny", albeit surrogate ,is the best thing.


Miriam said...

Jan I love the embellished peices!! so colourful and beautiful, I am back blogging now.
than ks for the baby cino pic and your lovely words xxx

Jacky said...

Now thats a cappucino !!! What lovely friends Miriam and her family.

Looks like you are already having a great time with that embellisher.

I finally found a copy of Painting with Stitches by Sue Dove. Thank you so much for introducing me to her book, love her stitcheries and am going to have a play soon.

Jo Horswill said...

Now thats a 'Mim' cuppa...
Love the embellishments Janette...