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Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

Our Australian of the year is Aboriginal, how good is that.!
Obama closing Guantanemo, how good is that?!
It is not all gloomy.
My mantra for now is:
"Let me stop believing that life is hard".
This is todays morning picture.

For those new to my blog, Jo is a member of our group and over a year ago we began a collaboration of daily photos,

It is a beautiful thing to do. Last year it was morning pictures, which was so good to "get the eye in" as it were (apologies if you have a prosthetic), and it is lovely to have someone to communicate with each morning. It heralds the day in a way that people on their own will understand.

It is "hard rubbish day" today....that means you put all your crap outside the front of your house, then you walk around the neighbours piles and you bring back rubbish from their pile which you keep till the next hard rubbish day and then you put their rubbish from last time outside....and can understand how it all works.

To top this all off it is illegal t0 remove another persons rubbish because the council (who collects it) wants it........??

However yesterday I took a rusted bucket-like thing from Allan,s front pile and then Cathie and I brought down a chimney thing from her pile, the top came from an old roofing throwaway.

I think it looks great, don't you?

Seems like it has always been there.

Now there is some yellow tin outside Peters...........I wonder if Carolyn or Trish would like it..........should I get it just in case.....?

Imagine some people don't have these major decisions in their life ....and they know where everything is in their houses.

Perhaps I would like to be them just for a day.

A collage of pieces to be in our exhibition "4 Letter Words" It is pretty eclectic.

I soaked a piece of muslin in plaster and hung it on the line...not sure yet how I will develop this idea or if it was just a diversion.


Jo Horswill said...

Great mantra...
I loved todays pic's...they were quite ethereal and floaty...I hope we float through the next 4 days of 40C degree days!!!
Great post...

Lee said...

Hi Jeanette
Love the plaster draped thingy....lots of movement in that. I look forward to seeing what develops!
And your embrodiered book covers are brilliant. I want one.

Well done and thanks for bringing a bit of blog sunshine into my work day.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Hi Janette: I just took a peek at several posts and can see that I want to look at all of your posts; after work though. Love City Lights, even in its new form, can see you have fun with your art. How fortunate that you have a good group of art friends and do give dear Jo a hug from me please! Looking forward to seeing more day photos from you and Jo. I'm *sorry* your husband is gone, but I did enjoy seeing his water color. Thanks for visiting my blog.Happy Creating!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

And I just figured out 40 degrees is 104F! Oh my goodness! I hope you can stay cool, no building objects in the garden in that heat!

Jacky said...

Yes Jeanette, life is good.

Wonderful friends, wonderful art, wonderful country we live in!

Quite taken with your muslin piece and look forward to seeing where you go with it.