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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Retail Therapy, the universal panacea

Went shopping with Julia today.....feel sooooh much better.
Bought some more little canvases so only one more brooch to make.
Then there will be 12.

I am working on another piece.

At least I am pulling another piece apart. These coils were flowers in the vase but I have taken them off and I "know not what to do" now.

Does it stand on its own or should there be large "things" out the top?

I am not sure if pre-exhibition jitters effect everyone in the same way but here is another work I have pulled to bits ready for another incarnation.

I wish to make them a little larger and in my enthusiasm for removing the felt around them............well there is less canvas around than I need.

Another complication is the canvas, it is painted with acrylic paint around the edges.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode...".The Mystery of the Deco Tapestries" by JKW

.To finish positively, this is a hat for the "Red Hatters" I do think it is fun.


Jacky said...

I think it can definately stand on its own... LOVE it Janette!

Good luck with your exhibition, I'm planning to come along!

Marie-Monique said...

Réalisations très sympa j'aime beaucoup...à bientôt