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Monday, January 19, 2009

Learner Driver

I am always sympathetic to "Learners" even more so now I am blogging.
I remember when the car took ME before I took the car.....well that is what it is like.
My last post had this enigmatic picture at its head....wasn't supposed to be there! however there you go, it was a version of the cut up piece in a transition stage.
This next piece is a patch work of felt made on the embellisher. I have no idea where it is going but it was just fun doing it.I am not sure whether to work on it literally or as an abstract.
I reworked another small felt piece with stitching and .....the embellisher.
When I originally made the large piece from which these were cut it was all felted traditionally, "traditionally" for me means a sander instead of rolling.........I hear you gasp!

While playing with the Alaska picture the thickness of the paint, like thick cream makes me want to eat it. The palette knife is such a friend.

Jo and my collaborative photo this morning was; I love it

Jo on Mystory has told about the morning pictures...and now after a year..."Day " photos.

To be honest though we both like the morning ones.


Jo Horswill said... have changed your background colour!!! It's perfect.
Love all these goings on...
My half of this "day picture" is a close up of a concretion, found by Jesse at a lake, when he was very little...we used to talk about it maybe being a fossilized dinosaur egg or a fossilized cannon ball.

crafty said...

Hi Janette, I met Mim through a friend, and she introduced me to Olive Grove, and I also like her work....
Thanks for dropping by my blog, one of these days I might even start writing in it again....