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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quiet Time

Again I am astonished at those who blog each day! I can feel the energy in certain blogs and I get inspired so thank you to those who keep the excitement alive for we "other" less robust individuals.
I am experiencing a bit of a low creatively and physically but I know it is only temporary...the heat has some bearing on this no doubt.
I live in a moderately affluent suburb, with young families. I recognise this affluence by the quietness of the suburb during our summer holidays. I guess people are away with their children at their beach houses. When I was growing up it was the noisiest time of the year as the children all played outsided during the summer.......I would also add that the beach was 3 mins away so was taken very much for granted. I was so very fortunate.
Enough of the self reflection. Went to Ro Bruhns' for another great class yesterday it was as great as last time. This time our group were all there so it was quite special. Ro is without doubt one of the most generous and calm teachers her work is so vivid and her energy is massive but gentle. We are so lucky in our world to get to know such remarkable people.
Ro has pictures of the class on her site.
This is one of my favourite morning shots
Many of the beads/necklaces are my own work but these hang on my bedroom wall so I see them first thing.
This is a collage within a collage of my photos and I always feel delighted when I have achieved something which does not rely on colour for its energy.
The next one is ...the beads again and I really love it, it makes me think of the deep sea.


Ro Bruhn said...

It was great to catch up with you again Janette and to meet the rest of the group. Thanks so much for attending and for your kind words. I love your photos, the jewellery has such a warmth to it. Your patchwork of photos is lovely too, a great combination of images.

Jo Horswill said...

Great post Janette, your photo montages are wonderful...lovely to recognize images.