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Monday, January 12, 2009


I mentioned a week ago how slow everything was. It is amazing when the "creative" kicks rapidly time flies.
Jo and I have stopped morning pictures after one year and are now engaged in "Day" pictures.
I took this last evening just before I went out to dinner. There is nothing more joyous than taking "produce" to people when you visit.
They are not quite ripe but I am endeavouring to beat the birds.

I did some knitting for African babies and I so love these little singlets.

I really love knitting so when the opportunity came for knitting these little "frocks" it was a joy. I can not remember if this was Rubies or Clemmies but they looked gorgeous in them.My inability to stick to large amounts of the same colour could be percieved as a problem if I was striving for simplicity.!

I have done more work on the "City Nights" piece. But realise how great it would have been to have an I am off to Kates Sewing to buy one today.

Buying one is a great extravagence in my financial position however "All for Art" is my defence.


Mummy/Crit said...

Lovely knitting, especially the frockss.

Ro Bruhn said...

I love the little dresses, you're a lady after my own heart, I knit only if I can use lots of colours and keep changing on a regular basis. I love the felting you're adding to that piece too. Nothing's extravagant if it's for art's sake.

Jeane said...

Janette - you wear me out! so much going on here! - I appreciate knitters so much - I could never get the hang of the needles and yarn having to work all at the same time - the pic of fruit is just so yummy

Miriam said...

that is rubys dress and its so gorgeous.
I love the little knitted tops too, they are fab! x

Jo Horswill said...

An "embellisher"!!! what fun you will have.
'City Nights' is looking amazing...

Jacky said...

Janette the knitted frock for Ruby is a treasure, love those jewel like colours and a lovely pattern. Did you make the pattern up as you went?
"City Lights" is wonderful and how EXCITING to have an embellisher, I am so envious.
Have lots of fun with it!!!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I love your piece, City Lights. I think its a talent to combine many colors, and so well done!