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Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Floor

Because I had a new floor put down in the studio it meant that I had to address the chaos that had been before. Cop the buttons and beads!
Now there are still some areas which need attention

I long to get it organised so I can begin to "play".

Actually the "play" is getting serious with the exhibition looming.

In the middle of the night decided to put all the pieces I might show together,( that meant folding up and hiding a spare bed and making another before I could lay them out)

Well I did all that and then felt truly anxious...I have enough but then I question the standard.

I guess unlike juried shows you always ask this question.

These are some felt and stitched pieces they are in my "Indian " room .I have the photos I took whilst away and put them under the glass and behind are some "pages" that my group did for me with India as their title.

Below is a beautiful shisha quilt I bought while I was there. I met the lady who made it in this tiny remote village, it took her a year to make ,it is tiny, fine work.

It is so humbling to see what fantastic artistic work comes from such a simple set of modest circumstances

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Jacky said...

Janette these pieces for the exhibition are wonderful...I love the felted pieces.

The Shiska quilt is amazing and what a wonderful thing to be able to meet the person who has stitched this.

Ro Bruhn said...

Your button and bead stash looks great, very organised, I'm looking forward to seeing your exhibition, not long to go now. See you tomorrow.