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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Books waiting

How many books have you got by your bed with a bookmark in the first 3 cms. of the book?
These are mine!

Thats not all...... This is the one that I am REALLY reading!

Now all that is OK (after all it is 45 C degrees here and the power has been off for 24 hours)

But.... Dave King put on his post about John Updike dying and as I read him thousands of years ago he (Dave) has sparked my interest again so they will come down from the bookshelves and if not join the bedside community then they will be in the small shelves in the bedroom. Some of these are "dip in" does become daunting.

One of my favourite painters is Nicholas de Stael, he makes it look so simple

The only solution is to keep going....with everything!

Back about Philip Glass.

He said that he felt his need to create was based on the river that was constantly running beneath him and he had to tap into it.

Now the way I begin is that I want to try something out, so is that enough do you move to the next step where you have to "say" something? And does that mean that "what" you have to say must have value for others...shades of the Rothko argument.

This is a drawing I thought I would like to etch ,.... so I guess that is about "trying out".


Jo Horswill said...

My bedside table isn't as orderley as yours...big pile of drawing papers, books and pencils!
De Stael just wonderful.
I like Phillip Glass's comment on describing his need to create. Beautifully analogy.

mansuetude said...

i echo what Jo said about Phillip Glass's comment and the De Stael, such a sense of warping depth...

i looked at Gillead on my bookcase yesterday, I loved Housekeeping so much, Robinson's other book. One of my favorites.

Jacky said...

Books... I have so many by my bed (to read next!!!). I have just finished reading "The Boyds" by Brenda Niall...really enjoyed reading about that great Australian artistic family. I dont have any with bookmarks 3cm in though. I have this thing, if I start a book I must finish it, so they all get read, and most of the time I really enjoy them.
Etching... I would love to learn how to do etching. How wonderful that you are going to learn how.
I have been enjoying seeing all the pieces coming together for your exhibition (and look forwart do coming along).